ASTI Talent & Technology foundation is the entity stablished by ASTI Tech Group to develop programs to improve society through technology and talent. The business group, headed by Verónica Pascual, is specialized in mobile robotics being the European leader in AGV technology for the number of sold units as for the number of produced models.
Veronica Pascual initiative drives the foundation to develop STEM Talent Girl as an answer to the low rates of female students in STEM. The industry is immersed in the fourth industrial revolution where technology is involving everything, making STEM knowledge more important than ever. This concept and the lack of women in this kind of studies, foresee a tough future for females confronting a great gender gap. The program is aimed to educate, inspire and empower the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering and maths. It is a longitudinal program that accompanies the girls from Secondary school, up to the first years at work, accompanying different stages in the women development. This characteristic differentiates the program from the rest, making it unique.




Zimba Women is working to create opportunities for women to actively, safely and fairly participate in the economy by providing access to skills and training for women. We believe that a full and robust economy depends on equal participation of women. Through our programs, we increase the participation of women in the economy and help them gain skills needed to take on greater leadership roles in business and entrepreneurship.
Our mission is to multiply earning income of these entrepreneurs by providing cross-cutting e- solutions to improve affordable market accessibility and capacity building. In the next quarter, Zimba Women is poised to introduce an e-commerce/ m-commerce solution that will act as a virtual marketplace for women vendors. The Zimba Mart solution will expose the products from women based SME’s to a huge local and international online market in a supportive, all-inclusive and friendly and environment.We are leveraging Information and Communications Technology to reduce poverty and empower women so they can fairly and equally participate in the economic and social development their communities.




The Paris WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning & Data Science) meetup has been created in July 2017. It is the second European chapter of the WiMLDS organization, whose aim is to promote women and gender minorities in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science. The Paris chapter was founded by Chloé-Agathe Azencott and Caroline Chavier; the organising team now includes Chiara Biscaro, Natalie Cernecka, and Marina Vinyes.
The Paris WIMLDS meetup is part of a global organization called WiMLDS, which was founded in December of 2013 by Erin LeDell. It is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and counts 52 chapters worldwide (stats: 6 continents, 20 countries, 52 cities, 26K members). WiMLDS recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary with the 2018 Annual Report. The WiMLDS mission is to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying, or are interested in the fields of machine learning and data science. 
The Paris WiMLDS meetup organized its first event in September 2017 and became the third biggest WiMLDS meetup worldwide within 18 months. Indeed, the Paris WiMLDS community is now composed of more than 2200 members. The Paris WiMLDS members are aspiring data scientists, university students, software engineers, researchers and curious minds.




Apps and Girls is a Tanzanian an award-winning social enterprise that empowers girls to create the world they want to live in using technology. At Apps & Girls, we give girls the skills and a platform to become effective tech-entrepreneurs, including high-quality software and hardware programming. We focus on girls and young women from underprivileged backgrounds, in secondary school, university, or out-of-school, as our mission is to reduce the gender gap in ICT and empower more change makers in Tanzania and across Africa.
Apps and Girls’ overarching objective is to invest in young women as potential tech entrepreneurs, tech creators, tech role models, and leaders, in Tanzania and across Sub-Saharan Africa. In order to achieve this goal, Apps and Girls is implementing an innovative cyclical process of advanced coding training, entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and incubation. The process itself harnesses the power of digital technologies, notably through the creation of coding clubs in secondary schools, an offline and online women’s tech entrepreneurship incubator and e-mentoring to match emerging
tech entrepreneurs with mentors.
At Apps and Girls, we believe that Tech is the reality of the future as we move deeper into the digital revolution, and entrepreneurship is a driving force. We work to break various barriers that hinder girls & young women in ICT such as a non-existent support system, lack of role models and prevailing gender stereotypes by providing the alternative, a supportive path into the field of ICT and a future in tech.
Our vision is to see women and girls empowered by ICT to be able to create the world they want to live in.
Give Girls the skills, tools, self-esteem and competitive edge to become effective leaders and driving change in their
communities using technology.
To achieve this mission, we focus on the following programs:
i) Quality Coding Training Program: Create coding clubs in public secondary schools where girls are taught coding weekly to get them inspired to enroll in STEM courses and be digitally literate to be able to develop their own digital projects/innovations and succeed in their careers.
ii) Events such as workshops, exhibitions, hackathons, Girls Code Camps, boot camps and the Girls Entrepreneurship
Summit for girls in secondary and high school in Tanzania to connect, learn and build innovations and solutions for
community problems as well as compete for prizes.
i) The Jovia program: Full sponsored Intensive Advanced IT and Entrepreneurship training for marginalized girls and young women to be able to participate in the formal employment sector, notably in ICT-related employment or be able to create their own tech-based enterprises in Tanzania and subsequently in other Sub-Saharan African countries thus elevating women’s socio-economic empowerment.
ii) The Ada program; Full sponsored Skills Development Programme (“SDP”) to train unemployed ICT Graduates to provide them with critical skills needed to reach their full Potential in the ICT sector. Through our partnership with ITHYNK company and Microsoft, the students also undergo a 3 months training by Microsoft certified course which gives them a high competitive edge for employability furthermore the participants are supported to create employment by launching their own tech-driven businesses.
iii)Provide Mentorship and Incubation (online & offline) to emerging young female TECH entrepreneurs (includes girls in secondary schools and out of school enrolled in the program) which includes access to indispensable resources (support for business plans, crowdfunding, access to potential investors/funders and mentoring) to support the successful launch and scale-up of their IT-based enterprises.
In Collaboration with W4 organization, we are creating a virtual incubator for girls and young women in Tanzania, Kenya, and DRC.




Launched in 2015, THE Rural Woman was founded on the belief that if a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too, it’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple.We aim to reverse the trend of rural decline in Australia, through the expansion of an online community connecting millions of rural women and providing access to a powerful online eco-system that delivers world-class education, networking and technology to support the development of women-led micro-enterprises and contributes to the thriving, healing and evolving of the women in our most geographically isolated places. The outcome is vibrant and dynamic rural communities experiencing unprecedented economic and social growth and opportunity.

Currently our ‘all in one’ online eco-system provides women with the ability to:

Sell in an online marketplace
Host and participate in online events and activities
Share content through blog and social media sharing
Connect to peer-led business and technology education (weekly)
Engage socially through groups and forums
Network professionally and personally
Use and contribute to a huge library of resources and training
Become an ‘expert’ in the platform and provide support services to other members
Participate in coordinated events and activities
Our growth plans for the eco-system will also incorporate:

Calendar management
Development of Member led courses
Financial management tools
Automated marketing
Templates and action plans
Consulting and project management resources
The project is being delivered by THE RW Collection Pty Ltd, an Australian based company.The technology is being developed collaboratively with partners LOXXED.