The Rural Women

Entrepreneurship Finalist

Launched in 2015, THE Rural Woman was founded on the belief that if a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too, it’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple.We aim to reverse the trend of rural decline in Australia, through the expansion of an online community connecting millions of rural women and providing access to a powerful online eco-system that delivers world-class education, networking and technology to support the development of women-led micro-enterprises and contributes to the thriving, healing and evolving of the women in our most geographically isolated places. The outcome is vibrant and dynamic rural communities experiencing unprecedented economic and social growth and opportunity.

Currently our ‘all in one’ online eco-system provides women with the ability to:

  • Sell in an online marketplace
  • Host and participate in online events and activities
  • Share content through blog and social media sharing
  • Connect to peer-led business and technology education (weekly)
  • Engage socially through groups and forums
  • Network professionally and personally
  • Use and contribute to a huge library of resources and training
  • Become an ‘expert’ in the platform and provide support services to other members
  • Participate in coordinated events and activities

Our growth plans for the eco-system will also incorporate:

  •  CRM
  • Calendar management
  •  Development of Member led courses
  • Financial management tools
  • Automated marketing
  • Templates and action plans
  • Consulting and project management resources

The project is being delivered by THE RW Collection Pty Ltd, an Australian based company.The technology is being developed collaboratively with partners LOXXED.

What impact has the initiative had or is expected to have?

By 2041 we will have directly contributed to an increase of 25% in rural population and will have developed measurability and witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of life, recognition of and economic and social contribution by rural women around the world.
We know that the economic return for the women who participate fully in the opportunity we provide is $4 for every $1 invested and the return for their communities is considerably higher.

We also expect that as leaders in the development of technology, we’ll encourage and provide pathways for more rural women to become Founders in tech companies, understanding that they can #livelocalgrowglobal.

What is unique about this initiative? Can it be scaled-up and replicated in other places?

This initiative is being developed in Australia, with the view that it will be replicated in other countries, most likely under license.
What is unique about THE Rural Woman is that it’s focused small, while most other agendas are focused on start up and scale up and being the next ‘big’ thing…we aim to support the development of millions of women-led micro-enterprises in rural communities as we recognize the enormous untapped potential and value to be unlocked in these places.

We want women to know they can live in a rural community and thrive – starting a successful business doing what they love and contributing economically and socially to their family and community.In development of our methodology for delivery of the eco-system and other programs we deliver (eg, THE Seed Scheme, which seeks to partner with large business and organizations to provide scholarships for women in local communities in groups of 10) we’ve turned to the best practice in women’s self-help groups and practices in countries including Cambodia, Rwanda and Nepal and are embedding them in our work in Australia, this is also unique and very exciting.