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“Girl Digital Leader” is an initiative focused on building opportunities for young women across Pakistan via digital enablement, employment, entrepreneurship, and financial independency.
“Girl Digital Leader” is a comprehensive digital literacy program specifically targeting young and mid-career level women in order to bridge the vast technological gender gap and igniting their potential by providing them a home-based earning source.
It’s a fully funded 10 hours bootcamp deliver free to deserving girls. The bootcamp consists of deliberately designed practical learning modules that includes digital media, financial literacy, freelancing, and self-development. After the completion of training, these girls will get home-based employment via our partnered organizations. In addition to that “Girl Digital Leader” is determined to develop an influential gender specific, digitally aware cohort that intends to disrupt the world’s digital space with female voices.
Women account for 51% population of Pakistan, yet badly affected by the widespread poverty and inflation. A mere 22% of women participate in the economic activities of the country, out of which majority of them are placed in the informal economy or home-based working setup. The normal per day wages in such setup is somewhere around 150 PKR – 200 PKR; which is very low as compared to the amount of effort. Due to societal and cultural norms, women in Pakistan are hesitant to go out from home for work; hence giving them an opportunity to earn from home via digital media and freelancing is a bright horizon for their growth

What impact has the initiative had or is expected to have?

In its first year of inception, 500 young women are trained and 200 trainees were placed in home-based jobs. In 5 years we intend to touch the lives of 1 Million women across Pakistan.

What is unique about this initiative? Can it be scaled-up and replicated in other places?

Girl Digital Leader is unique in nature because its preparing young women to explore and build their own avenues through freelancing and digital media. This gives hope to millions of women in Pakistan who are bound to live in poverty and struggle for earning mere wages. Alongside this till today, Pakistan 75% online population is comprised of males, due to lack of understanding with digital media tools and platform women remain ultimately a minority and open to harassment in the online world.
Due to its simplicity, the initiative can be scaled up and replicated across the globe with amendments into training content with respect to region-specific requirements.

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