Science & Research Finalist

Health Tech Lab (HTL) sparks innovation at the crossroad of communities of professionals and students from a wide range of technologies (IT, machine learning, AI, AR, robotics, radars, sensors and other) and health (med, health, pharma, dentistry, bio). Our goal is to create innovative solutions, to promote practice of already existing solutions and support their continuous growth in the health tech area in Serbia. HTL is proud and active member of European Connected Health Alliance since June 2018 as Health Tech Ecosystem Serbia.
Furthermore, HTL facilitates open-innovation agreements between different eHealth stakeholders. We are linking demand with supply, between SMEs, startups, med-tech, big IT, investors, legal and regulatory experts, healthcare organizations, pharma, academia, support organizations and other stakeholders, as part of our ecosystem. 
The Health Tech Ecosystem Serbia has been established in June 2018 as part of the European Connected Health Alliance. We have joined wide range of stakeholders as our members, which represent the strongest actors of our local, Serbian and even regional (Western Balkan) and European ecosystem players. Our Ecosystem makes a strong emphasis in business modeling, gathering all parties of Ecosystem in direct call to action, on working group meetings, internal conferences, round tables, mainly by providing opportunities for startups and scale-ups (the whole startup and scale-up community includes around 70 SMEs). 
Main vision of HTL is to make strong Health Tech Ecosystem of Serbia through Innovation. Main goal and mission of HTL is to catch the latest, health market waves and enable Serbia and region to reach the rest of the Europe and the world after multiple destruction periods and wars. This will be achieved mainly by gathering all necessary linkages of the ecosystem and forming non-existing through multiple partnerships and collaboration. 

What impact has the initiative had or is expected to have?

During one year of existence Health Tech Lab has managed to organize eight meet-ups with 600+ professionals and 50+ organizations and Partners, five conferences (FABelgrade, Innovation week, Smart city festival, Belgrade Venture Forum), one educational workshop on GDPR in Health, one International workshop (Startup Jerusalem) and one International acceleration program (Imagine IF) for health startups in Partnership with Innovation Forum, Cambridge, UK.

What is unique about this initiative? Can it be scaled-up and replicated in other places?

Unique value proposition is enabling development of local, Serbian innovation in health in collaboration with local technology experts, Serbian worldwide diaspora who help us with their knowledge and networks globally and multiple local and global partnerships. 
Our solution is highly applicable and already seeked among developing countries on African, South American and Asian continents. Alternatively, the model is applicable even to developed countries where newly health tech ecosystems are to be established.