Blockchain African Ladies

Education Finalist

BAL is a non-profit blockchain educative forum that brings all African women together via blockchain education. We educate African ladies on the pontential opportunities on the blockchain how they can use this technology to change their lives by knowing and learning to use all available opportunity in the crypto space.

Women who join BAL experience how interesting and fascinating the blockchain technology creates financial inclusion. We are an Organization of women that spreads across Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Cote’ Vote, Cameroon, Egypt and many others.
We want to build strong Ladies who will do great things with the blockchain technology. We encourage, protect and promote blockchain startups for Ladies African women. Our regular meet-ups, workshops, conferences and mentorship programmes, online articles and Telegram forum are open for all techy swavy African women, women corporate managers, women investors, career ladies, housewives and all other women.

What impact has the initiative had or is expected to have?

We are at the fore front of blockchain education with African women…. (BAL) teaches women in Africa how to have access to the low hanging fruits of the blockchain. We believe that blockchain is freedom for the African Women, and we see a serious gender divide with this emerging technology which has caused just a few or a handfull of women participating.
Hence in Blockchain African Ladies we educate African women deeply through our various conferences, workshops, webinar, online trainings ….etc about the blockchain technology and we train and encourage women to develop start-ups….which we stand to support as an Organization because its founded by a Woman. And we also believe by having more women participate we will be more closer to Adoption. And interestingly we are Organizating the first biggest Blockchain Conference in Africa Focused on Women The BLOCKTECH WOMEN CONFERENCE 2019 ( Where we are having top global Female Founders and Stalkholders around the World coming together to inspire other women and train participant in basic blockchain skills.

What is unique about this initiative? Can it be scaled-up and replicated in other places?

The Uniqueness about Blockchain African Ladies is its ability we have to unite Women not just in Africa but around the world with what we do, by putting together conferences which Aims at bringing more women together in tech and giving out trainings and ability to those who weren’t brave enough to stand out.